ig metal guy trying to hutn me down

destroying eveyrhting till he gets to me

dont know how long i cna last hes gonna kill me!!!


((OOC: Other characters can respond to try and get more info or whatever, but Danny will be too busy running for his life to answer. His name may not be in the post, but his ID can be recognized. The actual fight post will go up probably sometime tomorrow!))

001; Home again. Or not. [Action]
not this shit again
[There was a very confused SeeD Commander wandering around the Garden. He read the letter he as given. Read it three times even. But it didn't make any sense at all. Things like TIME COMPRESSION wasn't supposed to happen any more. They'd dealt with Ultimecia already, didn't they?

Still he couldn't ignore his own two eyes. So he's wandering around, taking in the changes, marking what hasn't changed, the chatter of all these stranger SeeDs, staff, and cadets he didn't know and really should.]

{BBS; 004 frying pans}
What would you do if you found out someone was lying to you? I mean, I can't confront them here. But still....do I really want to keep living like that or....take a chance and leave. I trusted her. She took care of me, kept me safe, when really...it was her. It was her all along.

Anyway, Lea, Cissie, since Eugene is here now, did you want to meet him? He wants to meet you both, he's said.

~ Rapunzel

[01 | action]
[Rita was all sorts of intrigued by this place. It was like nothing she'd ever seen, heard, or read of before. She'd read of other planes before, but never into any detail. Everything was new to her, the technology especially.

It was a strange place to have been sent, though. Was it purposeful, for her to have been sent to a school? If she weren't so overwhelmingly curious and interested in learning more about this place and everything in it, she probably would have done more to find out Bahamut's intentions in sending her to Balamb Garden.

For the time being, she's wandering around the garden, reading the letter over and flipping through the course catalog. She was trying to make sense of the courses, mostly, but also trying to decide which to enroll in. She'd never been in a school before.

As for everyone else, well, there's a young girl with a sizable pair of platinum-scaled wings. Even her clothes stand out a bit: her dress looks like the sort of thing a young noble girl of older times might wear, complete with jewels and other such shiny things sewn into it.

What are you gonna do about her?

001; [Action]
【Driving very slowly】
[So. This red-head that strangely looks like Asch the Bloody is wandering around the Garden like an idiot and taking in his sights to see what this place has to offer. ... To be quite honest, he's not sure what he's doing here, what time compression is, what he's suppose to do here, and well. Where he is! He wants to ask around -- You know. To see if someone can direct him to the dorms and all. It's just the fact that everyone looks rather busy. He doesn't want to bother them.

He'll just. Wander around some more. He's bound to run into the dorms or an elevator somewhere, right? This place... doesn't... seem to big...

[bbs] and also [action] - adventures in cooking
[a] srs lizard
[BBS, and Espio has been trying to learn how to cook. He's not doing too badly, considering he's never really bothered with cooking before, but he's not exactly doing it for a new hobby. He just wants to show he can do it. That, and for some stupid reason, he allowed Grell to somehow con him into preparing food for a wedding, and he's too stubborn to just admit he's never really cooked anything before.

It would help, however, if stupid things didn't randomly happen to his attempts.

Whoever put jalapenos in the cake mix when I wasn't looking, you are dead.

[>Yes. He has taken the time to find a computer and post this tiny little message to the BBS just because there were some jalapenos in his cake. He hasn't got much to do with his time, to tell the truth.]

[And Action? Yeah, Espio can be found trying his best efforts at making a curry in the Home Ec room. His efforts aren't going very well, but it's not because the curry is bad. It was a perfectly serviceable and actually rather good curry up until the point where it ended up all over the floor, all up the walls, all over Espio, the appliances, and everything else in the immediate vicinity. He's trying to clean up, wincing from the burning, and muttering to himself.]

Who the hell even left that thing in the middle of the floor, anyway? I never saw it! What if someone got hurt? Ugh, and what a waste, it was such a pain getting hold of everything for this... now I gotta do it all over again. Great. I don't know why I even bother, something always happens. Every time.

[BBS - text]
thank you life
Is there any way to find extra help for the classes here? I think I could really use it, especially with the math and information technology classes. I don't know much about those at all.

My name is Emil Castagnier, by the way. Thank you.

Three.doc (Safe Mode)
RDku: Superiority
[F̶̦͓̥͈̖̼͉̀̈̈́̐̍̾̔͗̌ḭ̧̢͓̺̗͎͇͊͌̽̈͊̀l̸͙̺͚̱͎͇ͬ̂ͅe͔͍͖̦̮̼̩̝̔̈́̾̆͝͠ ̨͈̳͙̞͍̻̘͕̰ͫ͌̅͐ͪ̈̾̅̽͢ċ͍̝̩̽͂̌̊͐ͅo̹̔̓̒̔̂ͫͩ͟r̛̮̓̽͘r̵̶̨̳̠͙͍̫̲̳͔̅ͥū͔̺̎̋̋ͭ͠p̻̥͌̅͑ͨ̔ͧ̇͑̀t̢̺̤ͮͣͤe͈͙̺̳̞̖̯͛̐͑̐̃̊̒̔̚d̴̛̞̯ͪͬ͋̋̐͒]

[So walking around Garden today, students, you may notice an increasingly more standardized sight: you guessed it, ANOTHER RIKU. Except this one is wearing a bodysuit and a silly skirt and kind of looks like he wants to kill something. What you may not guess is that this is out friend Dataku, with some... minor adjustments. After the events listed in this nice log, Data Riku is now a 'corrupted' version of himself; that is, he's more aggressive than normal, and he's a jerk of the caliber who will happily send your computer in to the techies five times in a row and require you to pay them 300,000 gil to fix a problem that will probably pop up in a few months anyway. (Bitter? Dataku-mun? Noooo.)]

[In any case, he's walking around with his weapon out and looking pretty smug. Whatcha gonna do, world? Or do you have any interesting events he might feel like dropping in on?]

[005. action/bbs]
not sulking shut up
how can you tell if somebody from your world is gonna show up? is it just if you've got a serious enemy?

and if there're gonna be this many bad guys showing up just to mess with us why couldn't they drag in more of our friends or something. cmon, seriously!! why not somebody we'd like to see for once?

[Monsters and villains everywhere... and Lea just doesn't know what to do about most of this. It's making it pretty tough to concentrate on his classwork, that's for sure.

And there's nothing he can do about it. He's barely up to occasionally summoning something. From what he's heard about the things that can do to your memory, fighting with nothing but that under his belt is going to end badly for everybody.

Well, maybe the people who can really fight will handle it. He's got to get stronger first. He's also very bad at patience. So he's just going to skip out on all that studying for the moment and head right for the Training Center to see just how much he can take on. The littler monsters are about the right size...

Looks like there are some bigger ones showing interest in the scuffle, though. He's holding his own for the moment, but somebody might want to give him a hand pretty soon.]

Action -Art Room-
~Controversial yet mundane~
[The past few days have found Jackson hiding in his dorm. Wallowing in self pity is a party for one,y'know. He is getting a little paranoid. Someone had already found out his secret .  What if it happens again? He can't risk the only chance he has of leading a life separate from Hyde.

Irate private messages between the two reveal something that greatly unsettles Jackson. Hyde doesn't care.This was the dumbest thing that the other had ever said to him. He had taken great care to not let any music reach his ears. That was is way of punishing Hyde.

But, finally Jackson dusts himself off and ventures out. Right now he can be found in the Art Room. He is sitting at a table, completely absorbed in his work. If you get a good look at his sketch you may notice it kind of looks like an older version of him.


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